class phpctrl\ui\Text

Text is a component for abstracting several paragraphs of text. It’s usage is simple and straightforward:

Basic Usage

First argument of constructor or first element in array passed to constructor will be the text that will appear on the label:

$text = $app->add(['Text', 'here goes some text']);


You can define multiple paragraphs with text like this:

$text = $app->add('Text')
    ->addParagraph('First Paragraph')
    ->addParagraph('Second Paragraph');

HTML escaping

By default Text will not escape HTML so this will render as a bold text:

$text = $app->add(['Text', 'here goes <b>some bold text</b>']);


If you are using Text for output HTML then you are doing it wrong. You should use a generic View and specify your HTML as a template.

When you use paragraphs, escaping is performed by default:

$text = $app->add('Text')
    ->addParagraph('No alerts')


Text is usable in generic Controls, where you want to leave possibility of text injection. For instance, Message uses text allowing you to add few parapraphs of text:

$message = $app->add(['Message', 'Message Title']);

$message->text->addParagraph('First para');
$message->text->addParagraph('Second para');


Text may not have embedded elements, although that may change in the future.